It’s Time… Bounce Back Bigger & Stronger Than Ever Before!


This Incredibly Simple, Yet Powerful Strategy Will Propel You To The Top Of Google Where Your Customers Will Be Clamouring To Do Business With You..


We know we will all get through it and see the end of this virus. In fact, in Australia,  we’re already starting to see some positive signs. So once we all get the green light to re-open our doors, how will YOUR business fair?

Inevitably, there will be a gradual ramp up to “Business As Usual”, BUT how long will it take your business to fire back up again?

Our advice…. don’t wait until the virus is over before you re-start your marketing!

Online marketing activities take time to get into gear, and the last thing you want to do is wait and let every man and his dog try and steal your customers away from you… Just imagine the scramble it’ll be when we finally get the green light to re-open our doors. It’ll almost be like a new pallet of dunny rolls hitting the supermarket shelf! …. well maybe not that bad.

So while you’re waiting in iso, there is a simple, but powerful thing you can do to help get your business on top of Google. Getting this all sorted now, will get you in front of the mad rush. So while your competitors are still waking up from their lazy hibernation, you’ll hit the ground running. Although sad for your competitors, at least you will avoid missing out on the wave of new customers looking for you when the business world re-opens. As the saying goes…”You Snooze, You Loose!”

Okay, allow me  5 minutes to explain this simple yet powerful strategy that you should be doing right now.

Let’s start with a question… If a potential customer searches for your business on Google, will they be able to easily find you?

Unfortunately for so many businesses, the answer is no! That’s probably true for you as well..

Just imagine for a minute what your missing out on!

You’re customers are looking for you… but they cant find you. This is not only frustrating for them, but this can also have a significant impact on your bottom line. You’re most likely loosing enquiries to your competitors! So…. Why would you let that continue to happen?

Fortunately there is a simple solution, that if done right, will not only present your brand in a professional way, but it can actually help you to attract more enquiry, more leads, more sales… Wouldn’t you prefer that? That’s gotta be better than loosing sales, right?

Here’s what you need to have right now… and it’s probably something many of your competitors don’t.

You need to get a Google Business listing professionally created and optimised!

These days, this is the bare minimum online marketing activity. Shockingly, so many businesses haven’t yet woken up to the gold mine this offers. The most awesome news for you is, that when you set yours up, you will immediately jump way ahead of your competitors who are probably still snoozing… poor them!

If you have an established business, or even if you are just starting out, we need to talk so we can get this set up for you..

WAIT A MINUTE… Let me guess, by now you’re most likely wondering what the heck a Google business listing is, right? To answer that, other than to say IT IS what you need, here are a few reasons why you need to get it set up properly

  • Display Your Business Professionally On Google That Will Inspire Confidence In Your Brand
  • Get Your Business Showing Up In The Google Maps Section And Avoid Missing Out On Local Business Enquiry
  • Allows Your Customers To Contact & Interact With You To Help Nurture New And Existing Customers
  • Post Regular Promotions & Updates About Your Business To Stimulate New Sales
  • Build Up Your ‘Google Reviews’ For Your Business To Develop A Strong Reputation To Boost Even Higher Sales Revenue

While there are many more reasons and benefits to having a well created Google business listing, sadly, the most important reason is that NOT having one can do more harm than good. If your customers don’t see this professional front, it could send the wrong impression to those looking to do business with you… Perhaps they’d think you’re “not legitimate”, or that you’re “risky” to do business with. Now you don’t want that do you? That’s why we need to talk about getting this setup for you ASAP!

When we work together on this, here’s what we’ll do for you:


We will create your new Google business listing in a way that will take full advantage of every available feature to ensure it delivers maximum benefit to your business.


PLUS… Using our proprietary proven formula, we will optimize your business listing for some of your most important keywords as well as the locations you want to service! This means when your prospects are searching online for a local business like yours, your business listing will show above all your competitors. This unique optimization strategy has seen some amazing results that you can’t miss out on – and it’s all included!


Although Google is the most dominant search engine, we know many people also use Bing. For a LIMITED time only, we’re offering a two for one special offer. This means we will also create and optimize your business listing on Bing at no extra charge! Then, whether your prospects search for you on Google or Bing, your business will show up, giving you the opportunity to win the sale before any of your competitors.


For a limited time only, we will Create and Optimize your business listing for a crazy $299 (excl gst). Hurry, (just like the virus) this stupid price can’t last!


To take advantage of this incredible opportunity (which you should be, by the way!), click the button below to schedule an online meeting. Your business is UNIQUE, and this service isn’t a cookie cutter service. So it’s important for us to meet so we can learn and understand as much as we can about your business. That’s the first step.

Then with this understanding, we will go ahead and create, and also optimize your business listing in a way to maximize its impact for your business.

To get started, click the button now to schedule your meeting.

Remember, now is the time to do this. Your competitors are still asleep to the opportunity that will be there once this virus situation is over. People WILL start looking for you on Google, and if you want to make a flying start and fight back, this is where you begin making that happen. Go on… schedule your meeting right now.